January 2018 Monthly Update – A Message from Dona Dmitrovic, FFR Executive Director

Recovery support services as defined by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, are delivered by peer recovery coaches or as we identify in Nevada, peer recovery support specialist (PRSS).  It involves the process of giving and receiving non-clinical assistance to support long-term recovery from substance use and/or mental health disorders.  The PRSS brings the “lived experience” of recovery along with training and supervision, to help others initiate and maintain their recovery.

Foundation for Recovery (FFR) provides in-person Peer Support Specialist training throughout the year and there is an on-line course from CASAT at the University of Reno. Certification is also offered, if interested, by the Nevada Behavioral Health Association (www.nevadabha.org).

According to a study done by John Kelly, PhD, Director of the Recovery Research Center Institute at the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry, almost 54 percent of those who reported resolving an AOD (alcohol and/or other drug) problem used some kind of assistance, most commonly mutual self-help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.  Next most commonly used were professional medical treatment – including the use of anti-craving/anti-relapse medications – in either inpatient or outpatient settings.  About 20 percent used other recovery support services, including sober housing, recovery community centers and faith-based groups. A significant number – 37 percent – used two or more types of assistance in combination.


Foundation For Recovery (FFR) has a long history of providing recovery support services, education, and advocacy to the citizens of Las Vegas and surrounding areas.   As we move into 2018, we have exciting projects on the horizon; all of which are focused on the needs of individuals in or seeking recovery, family, friends and allies.  FFR staff, board members and stakeholders will join in our strategic planning session that will outline the next 3 years of our efforts within the next few months.

The state of Nevada has made great strides in developing and implementing a recovery oriented system of care and recognizing the value of peer recovery support services.  We look forward to our continued relationship with all stakeholders and policy makers in Nevada.

Collaborations are taking off in 2018 with Nevada Behavioral Health as well as the Center for Behavioral Health.  FFR will hire a PRSS for each organization to provide full-time recovery support services to individuals in or seeking recovery at their locations.  The PRSS will be part of the larger Foundation for Recovery team and supervised by the Director of Programs at FFR but will work exclusively with participants at the NBH Drop In Center and the Center for Behavioral Health.

Thank you to the leadership of both of these organizations who understand the value of the PRSS in coaching individuals to a personalized recovery pathway focused on the long-term recovery needs for addiction and/or mental health disorders.

Staff News:

FFR is excited to announce that Chelsey Mony has moved into her new role as Project Director for our SAMHSA funded, Nevada Statewide Recovery Network Project.  The goal of the project is to understand the landscape of communities of recovery in Nevada and provide support through the development of a leadership training and technical assistance to any interested individual and agency that provide peer support.   FFR is enthusiastic as we embark on this new project and look forward to working with grassroots communities of recovery to expand recovery support services across the state.

FFR is pleased to introduce several new staff to our team. Will Allphin comes on board as our Director of Programs and Andrea Whaley, as our Volunteer Coordinator.   Our new part-time recovery coaches, Skip Farley and Lavatta Palm also joined the team.  All of our team members can be reached by calling the Foundation for Recovery office.

Stay tuned!  We will provide updates as often as possible to keep you informed of activities happening at Foundation for Recovery.   FFR remains dedicated to our effort of recovery focused education and training, advocacy and recovery support services for those in or seeking assistance from substance use and/or mental health disorders.   FFR believes that everyone has the ability to recover and that HOPE is an essential component to long-term recovery.

For further information, contact our office at 702-257-8199.