Volunteer for Recovery

At Foundation for Recovery our volunteers are the foundation of our programs and day to day operations. Since our services are
primarily developed and run by volunteers whose lives have been touched by substance use disorders in one way or another, volunteers are vital to our success and mission. FFR volunteers are primarily interested in giving back, enhancing their life skills and connecting with members of the recovery community.

Why Volunteer with Foundation for Recovery?

  • Work off community service hours in a healthy, supportive environment;
  • Help others in recovery;
  • Become empowered in your own recovery;
  • Participate in fun events such as Recovery Day and Rally for Recovery;
  • Help create and facilitate new ideas for recovery activities;
  • Become a leader in the recovery community;
  • Volunteer side by side with your peers;
  • Gain valuable customer service and office skills;
  • Enhance your resume.


  • Peer Recovery Specialist Training/ Coaching
  • General Office Support
  • Event Planning & Participation
  • IT and Web Support
  • Advocacy
  • Public Speaking
  • Support Groups
  • Greetings/Customer Services


Volunteer Application:

6 + 10 =