Our Community is Las Vegas Strong – A Poem by Chelsey Mony

I was born and raised in what was once known as the City of Sin.

Those who aren’t from here classify Las Vegas as a tourist attraction.


We catered to the glitz, the limelight, and the entertainment.

We felt our city was not a community due to it being so transient.


There were pockets of communities scattering this vast and broad valley,

To name a few of them: dog lovers, yoga, hikers, foodies, and recovery.


But our city still lacked a sense of oneness most cities have had for ages.

What we didn’t know was a tragedy would create a whole new chapter in its pages.


A devastating event occurred just a week ago.

Many lives were lost, trauma emerged, and families feeling immense woe.


The safety of 22,000 lives was ripped beneath their feet.

On this night we felt a sense of terror and utter catastrophic defeat.


A senseless act left this city feeling broken, torn and shattered.   

But our first responders entered the scene with courage, bravery; saving lives was all that mattered.


These first responders were not the only heroes that saved so many souls, 

Individuals in the crowd, taxis, strangers, and nurses became saviors as the days’ unfold.


The moment this event occurred our city had changed forever,

Our City of Sin became Vegas Strong, and from that night we have banned together.


The very next day, we found endless lines at various different blood banks.

People brought food and water to those donating to give their honor and to give thanks.


The hospitals were flooded with items to distribute to the victims and families.

The city of that we once knew was moving far away from the deadly sin of greed.


This disaster did not keep us down from becoming as strong as it was intended to be,

We fought for all the beautiful lives that are impacted by this treachery. 


Comfort animals swarmed to town to support those in need,

A fund for victims was generated, and in a day, the amount did graciously supersede.


Businesses contributed proceeds to the cause and to so many families,

They rallied together to donate food, shelter, rides, and gifts; there was hope for humanity.


For those who were at the concert that night, who are struggling and are still very much in shock,

Grief counselors and mental health workers have come together and are working around the clock.


We are still processing many emotions, as most of us have never experienced loss like this before

There is no right way to grieve this day; it may take a year, ten years, or maybe even more.


Various memorials have been created to remember all the lives that have been lost,

A man from Chicago even came down to the Welcome Las Vegas structure and rooted 58 signs shaped as a cross.


The outpour of support, strength, and love has been clear these past few days

Las Vegas has been forever changed, and a newfound love was found and I know it will remain.


This unfair tragedy almost left our city feeling hopeless and in fear,

But we have stood strong, we have come together in love, and allowing ourselves to heal.


We have found the light in darkness and have learned to persevere,

We’ve been encouraged to show others the way and to hold hands with each and every peer.


This is the beginning of immense healing our community is going to need,

Let’s continue to be kind to one another for the future is not guaranteed.


The moment this event occurred our city had changed forever,

Our City of Sin became Vegas Strong, and from that night we have banned together.

A Poem on the Las Vegas Tragedy by Chelsey Mony, FFR Program Manager

On behalf of Foundation for Recovery Staff and Board of Directors, we would like to offer our condolences to our community members and visitors harmed in the awful attack at the music festival in Las Vegas. Our thoughts are with all those affected by this event. We will support our community members as best we can during this difficult time.

For anyone who may need assistance managing trauma as a result of the tragic Las Vegas event, please call the Disaster Distress Helpline’s toll-free number (1-800-985-5990) to receive immediate counseling.

This free, confidential, and multilingual crisis support service is also available via SMS (text TalkWithUs to 66746) to anyone experiencing psychological distress as a result of this event. People who call and text are connected to trained and caring professionals from crisis counseling centers in the network. The Helpline staff provides confidential counseling, referrals, and other needed support services.

Thank you to Nevada’s SUBSTANCE ABUSE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT AGENCY for sharing this resource.